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Pre-Planning Your Upholstery Project

Pre-Planning Your Upholstery Project

If you want good results, an upholstery project takes time. Not only do you need to consider your deadlines, but also your fabric choices and your budget. Depending on exactly what you want, upholstering can be an inexpensive way to save an old piece of furniture, or it can be an excellent way to upgrade or repair a treasured possession. 

The Cost of Upholstery

How much is upholstery going to cost? Before you go any further, you may want to consider whether upholstering is viable to you. The price to upholster a sofa starts at $1,000 but could cost more depending on the fabric you want to use and the size of the sofa. If you're trying to save an expensive sectional, it's more than worth it. An upholstered piece of furnishing could last you another ten years or more. If your piece of furniture still has a great structure, then reupholstering is more cost effective than buying a new piece entirely. 

The Time Upholstery Takes

Plan for upholstery to take about four to six weeks in total. Most of this time is used while waiting for fabric and your place in line. Typically, the actual process to reupholster a sofa takes three to five days. You'll also need to drop off your item and pick it up so that it can be reupholstered — or arrange for someone else to do so. 

During the reupholstery process, we're essentially overhauling your sofa and making it better, similar to making upgrades to a vehicle. We tighten the frame, reinforce the springs, add new padding, and apply scratch guard to exposed surfaces. At CushionWorld, we are confident in our work, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty for all reupholstered pieces.

Plan for upholstery to take about eight to ten weeks, with two or three of those weeks being the actual process. The rest of it will all be developing your plan and selecting the right fabric. You'll also need to drop off your item and pick it up so that it can be reupholstered — or arrange for someone else to do so.

If it's a small chair, this may not be a problem. If you're going to go without a sectional, you may want to consider your situation and make arrangements. Upholstery is a specialized, complex process, and professionals are going to take their care to make sure that everything is done properly. That often includes having to also replace padding, stuffing, and even springs.

Choosing the Right Upholstery Fabric

If the time and budget look right, you need to take the next step: finding the right fabric. The fabric is also going to have an impact on your cost. Depending on exactly what you want, you may want to find your own fabric and bring it in, or you may want to select a fabric that's available at our shop.

When upholstering, you want to choose fabric based on durability, style, and color. The more durable the fabric is, the better — though more durable fabrics may have a less refined or rougher appearance (or might be more expensive). You also need to consider the style and color of the room that the piece is being put in. Draping similar fabric across your item in the room it's in can help you visualize it.

Are you wondering how much upholstery will cost you? You can send a picture to for an estimate. For a limited time, CushionWorld is offering 20% off labor or a free throw pillow. Contact us today to get started!